About us

These three words were chosen as our motto not randomly.

The real purpose of education is to not only give students all the necessary knowledge but also to arise their desire to explore this world, be curious;
achieve experience useful for profession , which will help the student to accept challenges, that the world gives every day.

During studying abroad the student is given necessary knowledge, explores the world-sees new cultures, and learns experience of other countries, their outlooks and activities. Many employers really appreciate people who have gained the degree not in native country – they consider such people to be more self-reliable, decisive, purposeful, communicative and active.


experience, desire to help, dedication to students
2012-new beginning
In 2012 co-founder, Dr.Vimal Dixit didn`t have enough score to get a seat in Indian university. The huge desire to become a doctor inspired him to explore the world. That`s how he decided to study MBBS in Ukraine-European county, which gives prestigious degree, also fee is rather affordable and living cost too.
Years of studies
While years of studies Dr. Vimal has faced many challenges like living in European country, facing new studying approaches; every day routine like transport system, shopping, renting a flat. Only seniors helped as they could.
2018 – last year of Vimal`s studies, exams, convocation, decision to continue career in Ukraine and becoming a resident doctor. Having received all the necessary knowledge through hard work and his will to succeed, he cleared his MCI exam in first attempt.

Birth of Orbit Guide
Meanwhile, founder, Mr. Vipul Dixit, being socially active entrepreneur, decided to form the consultancy that really cares about students and their choices. Having realized, that support from both countries – India and Ukraine will be a huge advantage and convenience for students he started to act.
First ads, calls, meetings, first parents` smiles and students` curiosity and fear of achieving completely new experience – these all inspired brothers to work harder.
And, today, the team becomes bigger – managers, designers, SMMs – all the people who work with us are aiming to provide the student with the best education, the most informative consultations, help in any question, doubt, fear. Our students are our inspiration, strength. We all study together, explore the world together, and achieve what seems to be unachievable together.
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